The Predictions

The Predictions Billettportalen cropped 400 x 235performed at Cafeteatret/Nordic Black Theatre in Oslo 13th April 2013
a brand new Imploding Fictions performance concept

Teaming up once again with our long standing collaborator Sammy Metcalfe (Cabaret Within, Man in the Elevator, Hamletmachine, You Are Invited), The Predictions brought our audience new theatrical implosions!

The Predictions was a brand new performance concept, a show which was a year in the making, performed only once on 13th April 2013…

Starting on 13th April 2012, exactly a year before the performance, Sammy submitted himself to a rigourous routine of writing one prediction about the world on 13th April 2013 every day. The 365 predictions was gathered and formed the basis of a durational show at Cafeteatret / Nordic Black Theatre in Oslo in which past and present collided and formed a fascinating world of conjecture, mapping out our shifting hopes and fears about the future.

The predictions cover a broad thematic landscape. There was political, personal, factual and philosophical predictions as well as predictions about the show… Some were realistic, some comical, some provocative, some outlandishly absurd. Amongst this tangle of thoughts, themes and theories a picture emerges of the year’s hopes, fears, desires and obsessions. Each prediction was gauged with the present reality and pose a validation, contradiction, provocation or inconsistency with it. And there were several surprises along the way…

After sending us his daily predictions Sammy could forget about them. The next time he was faced with them was on 13th April 2013 when re-discovered all his predictions together with the audience during the course of the show. The show caught up with itself through time, starting with text written 365 days earlier and ending in the present. The very last prediction was written on stage at the beginning of the show, and read at the very end, posing the question: What prediction will the show end on?

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During the 3,5 hour event at Cafeteatret in Oslo, tea, coffee, wine and cake was served throughout the show, for a unique durational performance experience!

The show was live streamed and can still be accessed here:

The Predictions
Performed 13th April 2013 at 18.00
at Cafeteatret/Nordic Black Theatre, Oslo

Written and performed by: Sammy Metcalfe
Directors and Dramaturges: Philip Thorne and Oystein Brager
Concept: Imploding Fictions
Sound and light technician: Paulucci Araujo Bakke
Photos from the show: Ida Oppen

Produced in collaboration with Nordic Black Theatre
with support from FFUK

Thanks to Zach Cane, Kristine Rui Slettebakken, Jo Ofrim Bjørke, Anders N. Pedersen, Christoffer Hag Maure, iara Solana, Sleepwalk Collective, Norsk Skuespillersenter


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